The FFXI Friends Circle from the 9th Circle of Hell

Why would I call it that?

I am way way way too nice and the by product is having a friends list from hell literally, If you don't show online, I probably won't ever talk to you cause that offline list......

As that list is THAT bad, this page and the pages it links to will be a work in progress for quite a while and don't be upset if you don't see yourself immediately

First I will speak of Anniastae and Miiranora
for it's their rl conversations that got me to enter this realm....
and their talk of a monster known as Maat... (some monster, an old guy... but the challenge is quite real!)

~ The Models of Role ~

In this game I've had heros, those that make purfect role models for how they play and how I wish to eventually play, while I will even stray from their ways, cause i am different... these people managed this role:

Jaime/Jaijai - She taught the true meaning of a Damage Dealing Red Mage... She always is wise on fishing and shown me the light of doing campaign ops and battles in the past (wings of the goddess zones)

Maxicat and Liteholt, I personally blame for really amping up leveling Dancer to 99, they've been uber helpful when I was new to abyssea in getting my Thief together

~ The Awesome Ones ~

Now the people in this list while they might have managed to be a role model here or there or helped me in some way, it is none of that that makes them true friends :)

Vaelushyn - ls leader of CR, she is willing to help whenever she can, though her plate is extremely full these days, dead honest, I was in her linkshell for about 6 months and didn't even know SHE was the leader, that's is how laid back she is for that she'll forever be dear :)

Midnightstar and Starkiss - This amazing pair, what to say, separate they are awesome, together, they truly are stars :)

Endtanis - This person always intrigued me, those that read the 'me' page know full well, how I got in their GBS linkshell... Past that though they almost always seen with Mentor status on... Endy is really helpful, but again as a shell leader, gots a full plate but awesome to talk to even when I never show in GBS, but then endy knows why and hey, they still a member of CR (that says something right there)

Flauross - V's rl mom, awesome lady, when not doing motherly duties you'll find her helping anyone no matter what just because :) She is living proof all elvaans aren't bad lol
no player of any race is bad, the elvaan npc... i think major different

Sueruru - master crafter, master gatherer of stuffs, I don't even want to know how many mule characters she got maxed out just to hold crafting supplies lol, (and she goes out into the fields to get stuff too.... on top of storing all that) She is the grandma of my 'nemisis' spoken of below. Much like Flau, will help anyone anytime when she's not doing the real world thing :)
She made the puppetmaster AF3 actually look good!
*mutters about a creepy doll and the owners normally just as creepy outfit...* (i don't has a fear of clowns btw seriously i don't... but... only a taru can pull THAT outfit off....

[[[[ spot to add about a zillion others ]]]

~ The Nemisis ~

You know the old saying, keep your friends close and your enermies closer, well, I rather NOT have an enermy on my friendslist and i DO NOT! <
However I can atest I do have a nemisis.... In the form of a tarutaru male that really does believe they are #BestintheWorld, I have finally decided the best course of action is to agree to fully disagree with this poor sad soul and stop for a while pouring vitriol on his head when they think of dry humping something they can't even reach (me). I made a promise to not say anything bad or evil to them or about them... as such... keeping a minor peace :) besides I think they might have a brain and even so they do occassionally help me and I will help him out too... If you can guess whom this creature is, goddess bless you for knowing them!

~ The Zermitus Alliancetus ~

ok, I'm sure your saying "the WHAT?!"

Really so am I, but it is the name I've given to those that I end up running into while they are brand new players and some how they end up imprinting on me, and I am not totally sure that is a good thing...
and I never wore the mentor tag when I got these folks...

First in line would be the eldest of this group of nutters...
Now known as xnaota and more so as xaelita, is a person i once met as naotakkun or something like that, which got changed to naota and since the server merge ate his name, it now has an X in front of it lol
This poor soul DID imprint on me way back when I was a nothing, I think level 30/35 red mage and I still had the subjob of thief... I did one nice gesture, accepted a friendship...... and 3 years later, we still friends though there are times I do fully go O.o; He is one of most kind helpful folks you'll meet, and I still vote the first to get themselves killed if not careful XD

Bluehaze and Dukenukem - Found while on Ragnarok these 2 are amusing as all hell, both are still comming into their own and currently both are MIA in the game ;.;




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