The FFXI Champion Chocobo Breeder

Champion Chocobo Breeder? You ask wonderingly?

yep, I have earnt that title, I have breed chocobos to the point of purfection for chocobo circuit races, and I am working on the equivlent of such for a digging chocobo.

My current working 'project' is Duke Destruction, my first non BLACK chocobo... been trying to teach it burrow but failing despite the brains he claims he has lol....

My completed masterpeice is the 5th generation, Black chocobo
Known around the chocobo circuit as 'avoid at all cost'
My baby, Black Ice

and much like her namesake she is THAT dangerous, looks normal, boring, but strikingly black, but once on the field, your thoughts of her not being fast, bad mistake, she is all about speed and has the BRAINS to avoid track pitfalls like most weapons used on the field :)


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