The FFXI Nemisis

In every realm, I ended up with someone... that I end up giving that title to.

You might notice on the friends page you just left, cause it really is the only way you get to THIS page...

I mentioned a certain tarutaru as such...

First off, being a 'nemisis' is not a bad thing at all, and they usually ARE truly my friend, I do care 100% about them and wish no ill will at all.

Hykiri is a true FRIEND.

However he is also my lone nemisis in this game as well...

He plays the game as the players of this game dictated it should be played, and well... I totally don't role THAT way ^^

While I have always listened to advice, and generally decide to go the opposite direction (and usually survive) not always is one way right, I will never ever claim to be #Bestintheworld at anything, but hey it's also why my first true main job is a jack of trades and master of none, but you CAN master being that ^^;

We share many common friends and it's not uncommon to see him in down times relaxing with a fellow comrade such as bobbyb in this case
We was doing a birthday event for starkiss, though i think i lucked out more getting atma and knife and cape and... lol

Chilling waiting to kill a giant worm thingy...
now obviously he is in this picture, not sure WHERE... galkas are BIG... and he is tiny.
I think though he's in safe arms of Vael <3

Sometimes though espcially when I looked like that in that picture I'd find myself, dead and ...
[insert pic of dead zermit and aftermath of being so]

following his lead in events, which is maybe why V chooses to let me live as a thief for those nowadays...


His personality, well I still stand by my status he got a serious napoleon complex and picked the right race to prove it.... still... he's not all bad once you learn to ignore him at the right times,

IF you ignore him at the wrong times... you will find yourself like the missing picture soon to be added when i re-find it....


also for those that KNOW me, I'm quite asexual in all worlds and natures, his prodding of anything of that kind, espcially if directed toward me, results in the past with a pouring of vitriol... which i have stopped doing cause i just plain ignore now ^^ (this includes his failed due to his statue ear humps) and for the record, the OTHER zermit, the one the name originated with, She'd have castrated him with her teeth about 15 days in meeting him.... so i've been actually NICE.


We are friends but we also totally agree to fully disagree with each other and that is fair :)


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